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This is what made broken home and how to prevent it

- Jumat, 18 Februari 2022 | 10:24 WIB

Penjedar - The reason for broken home was so varied and may have come from the unexpected. Every couple who have built a home with love and happiness, should do everything possible to avoid the term.

Broken home was a term one would use to describe a family that was either dysfunctional or dysfunctional. Whether it is the attitude of a parent who is indifferent to the family's situation and circumstances at home or because of some other factor.

Well, an uncomfortable situation can be a cause for marital disharmony and unhappiness. No one wants to get a broken household, but sometimes they are unconsciously responsible for it.

To prevent what we do not want to happen, so dad and mom need to know what caused the mess below.

The factor behind a broken home in the family

As you well know, dad and I are the reason why a broken home in a family can pop up from anywhere. A marriage needs solid foundation to last.

There are two factors, internal and external factors. Where the internal factor is the individual in itself, while the external factors come from outside the family.

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Well, let us take a closer look at the internal factor that is responsible for marital breakdown. Here is the description of how you can better understand and understand.


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This is what made broken home and how to prevent it

Jumat, 18 Februari 2022 | 10:24 WIB

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