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7 whatsapp aero suit features, ranging from anti-delete messages to automatic recompense

- Senin, 28 Februari 2022 | 20:22 WIB
Link download WhatsApp Aero, download Aero WhtasApp, WA Aero atau Aero WA. Foto: ilustrasi (Pixabay/geralt)
Link download WhatsApp Aero, download Aero WhtasApp, WA Aero atau Aero WA. Foto: ilustrasi (Pixabay/geralt)

Penjedar - I am developing the current technology, developing the whatsapp features continues to be done.

One of the modifications apps currently being heavily developed is the whatsapp aero.

Just like whatsapp gb, the appearance of this whatsapp aero is making a public scene, especially about its leading feature.

Whatsapp aero is known to be a third-party development product application.

Meaning this whatsapp aero application is not official from whatsapp.

The whatsapp aero was developed by a Turkish developer named bozkurt hazarr.

Even with the latest smart features, you have to be careful. The password of the whatsapp modification was developed by a third party so that data security might be compromised.

Even for an android user who wants to use the whatsapp aero application has to rooting first.

For those of you who are still curious about the tailored feature of the whatsapp aero application, we will review it more fully.

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Dilan.com from the official whatsapp aero page, following the seven features of the third-party development application.

1. privacy

One of the features found in the aero whatsapp application is a private feature.

When you use the whatsapp aero application, your privacy will be more alert.

Privacy features that are available include hiding a blue tick (check read message), a second tick (check sent message), status online to story view.

2. Sending automatic responses

A second feature of aero's whatsapp application can be automatic recompense or you can create a scheduled message with message scheduler features.

Through this feature, you can send it whenever you want.

3. Message antidelete

If you often use the typical whatsapp application, surely the anti-delete feature is not available.

You can't even read messages that have been deleted by the opponent of communication.

Through the whatsapp aero feature, maybe it won't happen.

4. Interesting subject

The whatsapp aero has thousands of themes and dozens of themes created to make the view more interesting.

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You can download thousands of great themes from the whatsapp aero or follow the aero theme channel.

5. Chat key features

Chatter or chat in the whatapp is certainly very private.

You can utilize enhanced key options to fingerprints to keep your chat safe.

Even you can lock or hide your chatter in passwords.


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