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Survivors covid-19 can get the booster vaccine, check the rules

- Senin, 28 Februari 2022 | 22:10 WIB
Ilustrasi Covid 19. /Pixabay/
Ilustrasi Covid 19. /Pixabay/

Penjedar - As a result of covid-19's growing case, the Indonesian government issued a booster vaccination rule for people aged 18 and older, with a priority for senior citizens.

To date, the release of booster vaccines in new Indonesia reached 2.73 percent.

Apart from a society aged 18 and older, this booster vaccine is recommended for survivors covid-19.

Those of you recovering from covid-19 can get a booster vaccine, of course by preset rules.

As quoted mind-crowd. com from @mersiaokay. Id, booster vaccination for the covid-19 survivors is determined ahead of the symptoms that occurred when covid-19 was infected.

This was done to determine the exact distance to deliver the 3rd dose vaccine.

For a covid-19 survivor with severe symptoms, a booster vaccine could be administered only after three months, and he was declared cured from covid-19.

As for survivors of covid-19 who have moderate or moderate symptoms, he can obtain a booster vaccine within a month, he is cured.

Furthermore, for a covid-19 vaccination of this booster, it can be done homologically and ecologically.

However, the covid-19 survivors were only able to obtain a booster vaccine until they had received a full dose vaccine.

As you know, governments have changed the rules regarding receiving the 3rd dose of the vaccine on February 25, 2022.

As the booster vaccination interval from earlier six months, to three months after a second or primary dose vaccination.

In addition to receiving the booster vaccine, citizens must first have e-tickets through an caring application.

But if you don't have an e-ticket anda vaccination schedule on the care care application, then you can go directly to the local vaccination site with ids and dose 1 and 2 vaccination papers.***

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